Regenerative Earth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports humans to live in harmonious coexistence with nature in keystone ecosystems globally.

Regenerative Economy Lab

Regenerative Economy Lab (REL) has been working alongside local stakeholders in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica to develop a regenerative blue/green economy model and systems financing approach to conservation and sustainable development since 2015. Our goal is to support the local people in actualizing their vision of a blue/green regenerative economy that creates a thriving economy and community that is dependent on the health of the rainforest and marine ecosystems.

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Living Systems Retreat

Finding solutions to the complex problems surrounding environmental conservation and its relationship to local communities and economies is becoming imperative, as the impacts of climate change threaten the survival of humanity and our planet as we know it. Solving these problems requires us to foster new social and economic systems that are in balance with all life on Earth and regenerative by design.

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Regenerative Earth is dedicated to bringing humans into harmony with the natural world in order to steward forth health, beauty, dignity, and wholeness for all life and future generations.