Regenerative Earth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is committed to preserving biological diversity and indigenous wisdom in keystone ecosystems globally, as well as enabling conditions where humans and the environment thrive within.

Regenerative Economy Lab

The Regenerative Economy Lab (REL) takes a systems based approach to stewarding regenerative economic and social systems that promote a vibrant future for keystone ecosystems globally and the communities that live within. We achieve this through close partnerships with local and organizational leaders, systems analysis, strategic planning, regenerative economic business planning, capacity strengthening, and systems financing with blended capital approaches. The REL team and partners are working to design, through regional projects, the processes and models to actualize at scale regenerative economies that support the vitality, diversity, and wisdom of ecosystems, culture, and people on the planet.

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Living Systems Retreat

Finding solutions to the complex problems surrounding environmental conservation and its relationship to local communities and economies is becoming imperative, as the impacts of climate change threaten the survival of humanity and our planet as we know it. Solving these problems requires us to foster new social and economic systems that are in balance with all life on Earth and regenerative by design.

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Regenerative Earth is dedicated to stewarding health, beauty, dignity, and wholeness for all life and future generations.