The Regenerative Economy Lab takes a systems based approach to stewarding regenerative economic systems that promotes a vibrant future for keystone ecosystems globally and the communities within.  In this approach we work closely with local stakeholders to understand the major challenges they and the environment are facing, and conduct a thorough systems analysis of the region to uncover the causal relationships driving these challenges.  We believe that in order to appropriately address the challenges communities and environments face, you must first understand the root drivers of these challenges and the causal effects that current structures in place have across sectors.  Once you understand the whole picture, and the interrelatedness of all the parts, you’re much more effective in your strategy to address the vicious cycles and change them to virtuous ones.

We utilize systems mapping as a primary tool to analyze the dynamics of a region, identify challenges and opportunities, and to bring multi stakeholder groups together around a shared vision and collective strategy to actualize their vision.  Once the systems map is created we work with local leaders to identify actions and projects that have the highest leverage for change.  When projects and actions are identified we design a capacity building structure to de risk projects and provide the necessary skills training to project leaders, ensuring lasting project implementation success.  We also design a systems financing approach to support funding of projects, so that the potential impact of projects is visible, and financing efforts by different organizations are cohesive, in collaboration with each other, and promoting a shared vision for the region.