Y on Earth Podcast – Jennifer Menke – President, Regenerative Earth

Jennifer Menke - Y on Earth

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Jennifer Menke, President and Founder of Regenerative Earth, and Director of the Regenerative Economy Lab, discusses the essential importance of nature immersion, especially for busy corporate executives, institutional investors, and philanthropic leaders. Elected an Emerging Global Leader by the Academy for Systems Change, Jennifer manages a multi-stakeholder conservation and sustainable development project on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, where she facilitates a multi-stakeholder collaboration with government, local residents, entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists. “Systems thinking is the key,” she tells us. Her knowledge-dense community resource mapping and collaborative multi-stakeholder facilitation techniques are emerging as a powerful model for easy adoption world-wide.

And, with over 700 days of solo retreat time in wilderness settings, Jennifer curates retreat and immersion experiences in the rain forests of Costa Rica as well as the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado – helping busy professionals unwind, unplug, and connect with the awesome natural intelligence of our living planet. Connect today at regenerativeearth.org to sign up for her upcoming retreat experience, May 12-18, 2019.

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