Alejandra Gonzales

Field Capacity Builder

Alejandra identifies herself as a part of conscious nature. She was born to loving parents in abundant and peaceful Costa Rica. She deeply honors her roots as the solid ground from where she developed her connection with nature and love for human wellbeing. She manifests her love for life through art, dance, music and yoga. Holding deep appreciation for diversity, she is passionate for designing, hosting and being part of participatory processes for human connection. Her 3.5 years of experience as a team leader and trainer in the corporate travel industry allowed her to practice her assertiveness and agility for strategic decision making as well as her empathy and sensibility to complex human dynamics. She embodies the balance between intuition and structure. Alejandra has a Bachelors in International Relations and a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, completed in Sweden. Here, she practiced her facilitation skills, being close to Theory U concepts and receiving an Art of Hosting training. Passionate for transformative learning, she did her thesis on leadership education for strategic sustainable development. Alejandra is intentional to be an inspiration and facilitator for the inner and outer change needed to be more in harmony with all life.