Ian MacRae

Assistant Mapper

Ian MacRae is a consultant and trainer in systems thinking and systems mapping. He is an associate at Systemica, a leading systems change consultancy founded by Dr. Joe Hsueh from MIT. Ian has worked with Dr. Hsueh in the past five years on various systems mapping projects including the US K-12 Education Reform Strategy, Cancer-Free Economy Collaborative Network in U.S., the OSA Golfito Rainforest Ecosystems in Costa Rica, Sustainable Energy and Poverty Alleviation Strategy for a social enterprise in Taiwan, and the Moldova National Development Strategy for the UNDP among others. In addition to consulting, Ian is a guest lecturer teaching systems thinking for the Global MBA program at National Taiwan University for the past three years. He teaches systems thinking, system archetypes and system dynamics simulation games, and has a passion in developing people’s capacity to think systemically and act collaboratively for creating positive impact in the world.