Joe Hsueh

Lead Systems Mapper, Strategy, Facilitator, & Trainer

Joe Hsueh is a consultant, professor and advisor in systems thinking and systems change. He is the founder of Omplexity, a co-founder of the Academy for Systems Change, an adjunct faculty at Harvard University and National Taiwan University, a consultant to the United Nations and World Bank and a former advisor to the Walton Family Foundation. Joe is passionate about the holistic process of identifying, sensing, designing, mapping, convening, prototyping, network building, evaluating, capacity building, scaling and sustaining large-scale systemic change for social, economic and ecological well-being. He facilitates multi-stakeholder groups to see the larger system and identify high-leverage points using qualitative systems mapping and quantitative system dynamics modeling. He has completed more than 60 systems mapping projects, such as Moldova Sustainable Development Goals Systems Mapping, Sustainable Fishery Strategy, Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Initiative, Sustainable Apparel Coalition Vision 2020, Cancer-Free Economy Collaborative Network, World Bank Disaster Risk Management Strategy, Sustainable Consumption and Production Systems Map, K-12 Education Reform Strategy, OSA Golfito Rainforest Regeneration, Colorado water management strategy and Sustainable Energy Ecosystem Lab. Joe holds a Ph.D. in system dynamics from MIT Sloan School of Management, a MPA in International Development from Harvard University, a MA in economics from Queen’s University, Canada, and had spent a year with a Buddhist monastery and charity organization experiencing Buddhism-in-action through volunteering. His systems change work was featured in Harvard Business Review Chinese edition, the Guardian and the Journal of Society of Organizational Learning: Reflections.