Regenerative Earth is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is committed to preserving biological diversity and indigenous wisdom in keystone ecosystems globally, as well as enabling conditions where humans and the environment thrive within.  It accomplishes this through 3 primary means that can be seen as the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.  The physical is the local and indigenous regenerative land stewardship, the mental is the systems mapping and change work to enable social and economic systems in balance with the ecosystem, and the spiritual are retreats/workshops to support personal transformation, connection to nature and culture, and training in taking a systems approach to financing. These 3 domains together generate a holistic framework to enable thriving ecosystems and thriving communities within.

  1. Sustainable Land Stewardship: Ensuring the future protection and sustainable local and indigenous stewardship of biologically significant land.  This includes identifying keystone properties that are in jeopardy of being unsustainably developed and ensuring that they are protected and managed by the local and indigenous people of the area.  We create high level stewardship plans for these properties with local stakeholders to ensure the best management practices and partners are enlisted and the health of the property is maintained and enhanced into the future.
  2. Systems Mapping and Change Projects: We work with local and indigenous stakeholders to understand the systems dynamics of a region and to identify solutions to address the challenges faced by the communities and the environment. Our goal is to enable a regenerative future where nature and humans thrive and to support the local shared vision in being accomplished.
  3. Retreats: We provide opportunities for investors, donors, executives, and other leaders in their field to experience some of the most breathtaking and biologically significant places on Earth. Our retreats are designed to rejuvenate, inspire, connect, and educate the individual though a guided immersion in nature and culture, where communities are working hard to ensure a vibrant future for all.  In our retreats, participants are given the chance to meet with local leaders and to engage with impact projects.  We donate a portion of our proceeds to these impact projects at the conclusion of our journey together.


Regenerative Economy Lab

Living Systems Retreat



Jennifer Menke | President

Travis Robinson | Secretary

Joe Hsueh


Andrew Currie

Matthew King

La’ne Saan Moonwalker

Darcy Winslow


Jennifer Menke | Project Coordinator, Strategy, Facilitator, Partnership Development

Joe Hsueh, PhD. | Lead Systems Mapper, Strategy, Facilitator, Trainer

James Honey | Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, Interviewer, Researcher, Facilitator

Ian MacRae | Assistant Mapper

Brian Blankinship | Assistant Mapper, Researcher


Jennifer Menke | Facilitator

Alex Peterffy | Facilitator