Regenerative Land Stewardship

Regenerative Earth seeks to ensure the proper stewardship and protection of nature along with creating economic opportunities for local and indigenous people in its land stewardship projects. We believe that nature has the inherent right to be healthy and thrive and that these rights need to be protected into perpetuity. In our land stewardship projects we help land in jeopardy of being unsustainably developed find proper stewards that will ensure its future ecological integrity. We also co create land stewardship plans with local and indigenous people and explore legal and economic frameworks and actions to protect the rights of nature, provide economic opportunities for the local population, and preserve the rich cultures of these regions.


Rio Oro Watershed

Since 2017, Regenerative Earth has been working to ensure the ecological integrity and regenerative stewardship of the Rio Oro Watershed of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Sacred Contract 

Sacred Contract is a project based in the USA that has been incubated for 3 years with Regenerative Earth, The Center for Ethical Land Transition, One Light Global, and several North American Indigenous Elders. The project seeks to create a fundamental shift in our cultural and legal relationship with the earth in which we emancipate ourselves and the earth from an ownership relationship to a sacred relationship. We are working at the crossroads where worldview meets grounding change, where direct and personal engagement with the natural world guides our personal belonging, group decision making, and legal infrastructure.

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