Living Systems Retreat

Date: TBA
Cost: $4500 – Includes accommodations at Luna Lodge, 3 meals daily, domestic transportation, and facilitator fees

22% of all proceeds will go directly to local projects in the Osa Peninsula

Description of Immersion:

Finding solutions to the complex problems surrounding environmental conservation and its relationship to local communities and economies is becoming imperative, as the impacts of climate change threaten the survival of humanity and our planet as we know it. Solving these problems requires us to foster new social and economic systems that are in balance with all life on Earth and regenerative by design.

This 5-day retreat, held within one of the most biologically rich rainforests on earth, the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, will inspire individuals through an experiential journey of inner and outer systems change.  We will showcase a regional systems change approach to actualize a blue/green economy and meet with project leaders to see first-hand how a local community is creating a regenerative future. We will engage in awareness cultivation and nature-connection practices, enhancing our ability to more deeply work with and learn from the natural systems governing our planet. We will also explore how the principles of living systems can be applied to create groups and teams that function as intelligent, self-organizing systems. A portion of the proceeds will go directly to projects in the local community, providing our group with an opportunity to practice using a systems-approach to philanthropy, while giving back to the ecosystem that is supporting our journey.

Retreat Content:

  • Systems theory: learn the principles (and practices) of systems change work and application in the field
  • Experiential journey to visit project sites and meet with local leaders (indigenous, fisherman/coral project, women farmers)
  • Rejuvenating time spent connecting with the rainforest and marine ecosystems
  • A portion of the retreat proceeds gifted directly to projects in the region

Retreat Location: Luna Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

The Living Systems Retreat will be held in one of the most breathtaking places on Earth, the Osa Peninsula, which is covered almost entirely in magnificent, virgin rainforest extending all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  It contains the most significant wetland ecosystem and mangrove forests of Central America and the largest remaining tract of lowland rainforest in Pacific Mesoamerica.  Separating the Osa Peninsula from the mainland is the Golfo Dulce Bay – one of only 4 tropical fjords on the planet.  Participants will experience pristine primary rainforest habitat with an abundance of wildlife surrounding them.  Luna Lodge, an eco lodge bordering Corcovado National Park, will be hosting the retreat and providing 5 star accommodations and organic meals for participants to enjoy.



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